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The Olive Tree

The olive tree is considered to be extremely robust and can live up to 2,000 years.

It reaches its full yield capacity just at about age 15. It is content with barren soil and endures temperatures as low as minus 8 °C. Green and black fruits stem from the same tree. Young fruits are green and turn red, then purple and finally black with increasing maturity.

Olives on the GO


A Family Business

Created in 1975, the first ever olives in a pouch

The creator Ueli Dubs of Switzerland, gave a new meaning to “Snack on the Go” way before we could have imagine its importance in today’s hectic lifestyle. Today, Dumet Canada, lead by business owner Raymond Bujold, has establish itself as the unique brand of olives for families on the go. “From the first time I tasted these amazing olives, it was clear that everyone I knew had to try them.”

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